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The largest European based GDS (Global Distribution System)


UTS NET™ technology provides remote airline sales offices and travel agencies with top speed and secure Internet - access to SITA Gabriel airlines reservations system (Gabriel Host). The Internet technology removes the need for costly legacy network connections, which can result in considerable savings in communication costs. UTS NET technology - it is newest development of the EсоteсhInfоrm Company.

UTS NET technology includes: UTS NET Server software and UTS Access terminal emulator software for SITA - Gabriel™ reservation system.

Each UTS NET Server is installed in different places on different TCP/IP SITA channels and on different internet channels. Any GABRIEL user can work through ANY UTS NET Server by using UTS Access client software. It allows to receive maximal reliability of work of GABRIEL-SITA users

UTS Access software gives access to a SITA-GABRIEL airlines reservation systems for professional travel agents from any location, using a TCP/IP Internet protocol. It is PC - based terminal emulation program (Client software) for travel agents.

UTS Access specially developed for secure access to reservation systems through UTS NET Server. Special devices and Host - based protocols (as Ticket printers) are supported. UTS Access software can be used by companies of all sizes.